When we were little, we used to play in sandboxes. It was a time of carefree fun, almost without rules, where everyone could do whatever they wanted, and if someone accidentally broke a sandcastle, it ended in tears. 
In the world of data, we can also have sandboxes, where we can play and sometimes shed a tear, but if we are operating in a production environment, we must forget about the freedom of the sandbox. 
Here, some rules and procedures are necessary. There is no room for complete freedom anymore, or it would also end in tears.

Development methodology for data solution in datawarehouse environment.

We have a relatively small team, about 15 people, but it's already enough to necessitate the establishment and adherence to some development methodology. Without it, things were starting to become a bit chaotic, like the Wild West, and unverified solutions were making their way into production, leading to technical debt and increased complexity in supporting and maintaining the solutions. So, we came up with a proposal for a simple development methodology.
There is no acceptance environment, and the testing environment serves more as a sandbox than a place for proper testing. 
The development line is straightforward: DEV -> PROD.